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Press Release for the “Little Rescue Book for Women in Crisis”


Catherine Winkler Rayroud

“Little Rescue Book for Women in Crisis, a Woman’s Journey”

Artist Shares Personal Journey to Inspire Other Women with New Book
Summary: A woman who has had ups and downs in her path of life offers a unique perspective with a collection of sometimes whimsical but always emotional paper cuttings. HOUSTON/ RICHMOND – Texas – Life as a woman is not always easy, given expectations of society, spouses and women themselves. Artist Catherine Winkler Rayroud dealt with some personal doubts and demons by expressing herself through her art, and she shares those images in a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. The collection of 70 whimsical paper cuttings depict her journey as a woman and what physical and emotional issues follow that reality.
“Little Rescue Book for Women in Crisis” pairs thoughtful words with beautiful examples of Scherenschnitt, the art of creating intricate paper cutouts. Winkler Rayroud turned to art when she became a teenager, expressing her feelings of turmoil and response to physical ailments.
Social pressure and the traditional household responsibilities of a married woman made her feel trapped, but a move to the United States brought new role models into her life. She was inspired to create the book when she experienced early signs of menopause and faced a personal crisis. Her mission became illustrating those emotions bottled up inside, as well as the hopes and fears of women around her.
The text shares Winkler Rayroud’s own experiences and calls for women to recognize they are not alone, offering hope, while the incredibly detailed paper cutouts add a touch of humor to her sincere support for women in all walks of life. As she writes, “When a woman is down on her knees, let’s all stand up and make sure she can stand straight again. Every woman in the world deserves respect and a chance to be who she wants to be!”
Author and award-winning artist Catherine Winkler Rayroud has practiced Scherenschnitt, the art of paper cutting, for 35 years. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Europe, the United States and Korea and been published in books, magazines and newspapers.

The book is available at www.catherinewinklerbooks.com


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For more information about the artist, please visit www.catherinewinkler.com